Friday, 24 July 2009

can't live without (t)hem

"i'd rather break stones on the king's highway than hem a handkerchief."
- anne sullivan macy

hem tape for denim

first there was hollywood tape for your bras, now there is hem tape for your jeans!! this version is especially designed to withstand the weight of denim and will not leave behind sticky residue. now you can switch between heels and flats (FINALLY), wear new purchases instantly and even test run different lengths before having them tailored. also use hem tape to experiment with the style of the moment - create rolled/folded cuffs or shorts in an instant.

dry brush-cleaning tutorial

must slim station

"perfect shape: hong kong's most effective slimming centre."
- perfect shape campaign

what is wrong with these people??  i received a call from perfect shape yesterday afternoon by a girl who sounded not a day over 12.  her first question to me was whether or not i was heavier than 110 pounds.  for a laugh, i replied i was and she proceeded to ask me which part of my body was covered in the most fat.  (obviously my age or height were of no relevance whatsoever.)  maybe i didn't like my belly, or my thighs?  surely something needed improving, she prodded?  i told her thank you but that i did not think i was over-weight in any way.  what, no bye-bye (wings) or pager (lower back) flesh?  surely i had an inkling of self-loathing?  maybe i wanted to come up and be checked anyway, just to be sure?  or maybe i wanted a complimentary facial?  SERIOUSLY.  what has our world come to?!?!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

tan some hide

"to be successful, keep looking tanned, live in an elegant building (even if you're in the cellar), be seen in smart restaurants (even if you nurse one drink) and if you borrow, borrow big."
- aristotle

pevonia self-tanning emulsion
light-textured emulsion contains dha (sugar cane)

jan marini bioglycolic sunless self tanner
silky, fast-drying formula with glycolic acid for better penetration

fake bake sunless and skinny
contains clinical levels of cellulite fighters to combat dimples

tan towel
self-tanning towelettes for fair-skinned begginers

while a minimum of 10 minutes of sunlight per day is required for the production of vitamin d in our bodies, there is no such thing as a "healthy tan". over-exposure will inevitably lead to signs of [swallow] aging. for a uv-free glow, get your hands on some self-tanner!! the new ones all contain amino acids (dha) which react with proteins in the skin's superficial layers, resulting in a darkening that fades with natural cell turnover. this is the only active ingredient approved by the us fda for sunless tanning to date. for best results:
(1) avoid shaving before applying product as skin will be sensitive and more prone to irritation;
(2) lightly exfoliate prior to application to ensure a more even and longer lasting colour;
(3) use a firm, circular motion on clean, dry skin and try to choose a cool, dry environment to avoid sweating/humidity;
(4) do this quickly but thoroughly else orange nails, palms, finger joints, knuckles and thumbs will result (both legs should require no more than five minutes);
(5) apply a smaller amount of product to elbows and knees as dha reacts more to thicker skin;
(6) allow product to dry fully (at least 30 minutes) before carefully getting dressed/slipping into bed and then avoid all contact with water plus anything that will induce sweating for at least three hours; and
(7) generally, do not apply product more frequently than every three days.

the best things in life are free

"hkdr is proud to be a 'no kill organisation' meaning that no dog under our care will be euthanised for any reason other than when it is the only humane option."
- hong kong dog rescue

eight year old male shih tzu
up for adoption at the hong kong dog rescue

nine year old female pug
up for adoption at the hong kong dog rescue

five free things to do during your lunch hour:
1. sew shoulder pads onto anything and everything
2. plan your lady gaga outfit to win free tickets to her macau gig
3. take a real age test to see how your biological age compares
4. read a book by the (artificial) lake in hong kong park
5. sign up to volunteer your time at the hong kong dog rescue

time after time

"how long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on."
- zall's second law on time

rm by roland mouret galerne silk dress
runway: 12 march, 2009 on the catwalk
    + 2 months
red carpet: 14 may, 2009 on amy adams
    + 2 months
retail: today on net-a-porter

as production timelines shrink, one has to wonder, is this directly proportional to the output quality?  control measures, particularly in china, have been under intense international scrutiny over the past year with products ranging from infant formula to electric fans being recalled from store shelves.  many times failures result from the struggle between relationship imbalances (importers fighting for cheaper prices) and asymmetrical information (manufacturers neglecting to disclose where corners have been cut).  although some say that china is merely experiencing similar growing pains to japan in the 50's, at no point did japan have industry insiders involved in willfully manipulating products to circumvent laboratory equipment and testing controls (eg. the melamine case).  it remains to be seen whether or not these hurdles can be overcome and whether or not china can rid itself of its "poorly made in china" stigma.  meanwhile, this means the high street can get their runway knock-offs into the shops shops faster than the original.  something to think about.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

keeping up with mrs b - part II

"i got a pair of red, synthetic satin women's pants through the post the other day with a phone number on.  that was quite strange.  i haven't tried the phone number.  in times of stress i may."
- jarvis cocker

check out the high waisted bleach white loewe palazzo pants on 5'4 victoria beckham arriving at lhr fresh off her transatlantic flight from lax.  i'll fly whatever she's flying, thanks.

valentino: the last emperor

lacroix lives!!

"france, and the whole of europe, have a great culture and an amazing history.  most important thing though is that people there know how to live!"
- johnny depp

seamstresses at valentino

christian lacroix bridal collection 2008

christian lacroix bridal collection 2008

christian lacroix bridal collection 2008

christian lacroix bridal collection 2008

christian lacroix bridal collection 2008

there is hope yet that christian lacroix may be saved!!  rumours are rife that restructuring firm bernard krief consultants has put in a bail-out bid and will table this formally next week.  if this is false however, falic group (the label's owner) will be forced to restructure and slash the current workforce of 124 artisans to just 12.  these women are part of a dying breed of "petites mains" who work the couture houses.  with the industry being supported by no more than a couple of hundred clients globally as well as the rise of cheap overseas labour it is no wonder that their jobs are being sacrificed.  but what of france?  what would french fashion be without all of this?  of all photographs care of girls.pic.

call me

"i had this guy leave me a voicemail at work, so i called him at home, and then he emailed me to my blackberry, and so i texted to his cell, and now you just have to go around checking all these different portals just to get rejected by seven different technologies.  it's exhausting."
- drew barrymore as mary in he's just not that into you

the hong kong telecommunications authority announced on 10 july that telecommunications operators may provide fixed mobile number portability service on a voluntary basis.  what this means is that consumers will now be able to choose between landline and mobile service providers for all lines.  for instance, your home number could be a mobile or vice versa.  although this is a commercial decision for the operators, the ta believes this will be a more efficient use of scarce public resources (there is only a finite amount of telephone numbers) and also beneficial to consumers as it will promote cross-platform competition.  this may not make dating easier but maybe we can all save on phone bills.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

basket case

"there's so much pollution in the air now that if it weren't for our lungs there'd be no place to put it all."
- robert orben

citysuper pocket bag

crate and barrel market tote

jessica cushman mini tote

fratelli fresh hessian grocery bag

valextra shopping bag

ralph lauren pink pony organic large tote

williams-sonoma market basket

it's now "no plastic bag day" in hong kong every day.  our government finally decided to help this along with a plastic bag levy.  did you know this city goes through 23 million plastic bags every day?  that's more than three per person.  ireland introduced an eco-tax on plastic bags in 2002 and the distribution of plastic grocery bags subsequently fell by 90%.  well, better late than never.  bringing your own bag takes some getting used to - make it fun by turning into a fashion show!  there are so many options out there.

dry hair day

"i worked in a health food store once.  a guy came in and asked me, 'if i melt dry ice, can i take a bath without getting wet?'"
- stephen wright

ojon hair care rub-out dry cleanser
available at john lewis

oscar blandi pronto dry shampoo
available at sephora

orlando pita renew dry conditioner
available at sephora

klorane gentle dry shampoo with oat extract (non-aerosol pump)
available at sephora

formulated with amazonian white clay, silk powder, rice and potato starches, ojon's hair care rub-out dry cleanser claims to instantly "erase" impurities from your hair and scalp.  nigella lawson washes her hair once a week (down from thrice a fortnight) [gasp!!] and swears by this product, calling it "the world's best dry shampoo".  it's as easy as spray, massage and brush.  other recommended options include oscar blandi, orlando pita and klorane.  not sure how well these would work in our lovely, humid summer though.

b true to yourself

"be yourself; everyone else is already taken."
- oscar wilde

leighton meester on the gossip girl set

victoria beckham

elle macpherson

brooke shields

victoria beckham

heidi klum

kelly ripa

debi mazar

congratulations must go to mrs b for creating a line that does not cave in to the IT trend of the moment but remains true to her personal style and taste. so many celebs have been papped in her gear now that it is almost dismissible but a spot on gossip girl is certainly not and could even be the highest accolade of our times (just as satc was earlier this decade). leighton meester, as blair waldorf, was recently spotted filming on the streets of nyc in a bordeaux sheath dress with ruffle peplum from victoria beckham's fw09 collection. blair makes it her own with a signature hairband - tres chic, but still young and fun.

Monday, 20 July 2009

on the prowl

"i can honestly say this industry hasn't made me neurotic about my looks, except maybe my weight. i hope my clothes kind of reflect that. they're meant to make you feel good."
- stella mccartney

stella mccartney cotton leopard face leora tee
relaxed fit cocoon shape

megan fox in stella mccartney's cotton leopard face lamia tank

emily dechanel in stella mccartney's leora tee

charlize theron in stella mccartney's leora tee

bebe panther printed sweater tunic
sleeveless boatneck with contrast trim

charlotte russe leopard crochet top
drop elastic waist with ruffle flounce

forever 21 cheetah slub tee
cap sleeved deep v

take a page from the celebrity stylist notebook and find yourself an animal print tee for a chic transition piece to ride out pre-fall. if you're lucky, you got your hands on the stella version. for a bargain buy, head to bebe, charlotte russe or forever 21. wear it over second-skin denim with a roughed-up leather biker jacket and then as the weather cools, with cashmere tights and knee-high boots. swap the biker with balmain for cocktails with the girls.

caging lunatic

"you can cage the singer but not the song."
- harry belafonte

acne cage skirt ss08

susie bubble in norwegian wood leather cage skirt and belt
susie bubble in norwegian wood floral cage skirt

savant a-line cage skirt and bandage bralette

savant a-line cage skirt

topshop structured mini fw09

to be worn as an accessory rather than an item of clothing in itself, the cage skirt is currently experiencing a comeback of sorts.  although technically acne's original version first popped up on their ss08 runway, it was never produced for stores [gasp] so the fashion pack have not been able to rip into this until now.  norwegian wood has a fabulous online store via etsy and debut label savant is offering a more grown-up version at i dont like mondays.  try layering patterned versions over solids (like a form-fitting tube dress a la christy last monday) or vice versa (the solid stripes of the cage actually work well in breaking up a busy print).  for the fuss-fearsome, topshop have a very cute all-in-one option in the form of a seamed, structured tulip mini.  a penny for your thoughts?

especially fur you

"the duchess!  the duchess!  oh my dear paws!  oh my fur and whiskers!"
- white rabbit in alice's adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll

lanvin fw09

etro fw09

emilio pucci fw09

antonio berardi fw09

on the street - at the cafe, paris

on the street - teddy bear too, nyc

on the street - vika, paris

on the street - les tuileries, paris

kate moss
"mario testino portraits" show
national portrait gallery, london

fur has mesmerised women for decades.  fashions come and go, but furs always remain.  there is something incredibly girly about the movement alone and then the way the hairs immediately stand when an icy chilly breezes by is fantastically romantic.  fur continues to make a statement this season, as illustrated by the above runway looks and so chicly translated to "the street" by the sartorialist's (my favourite blog of all time!!) subjects.  wear it fluffy and hip length with silky nothingness underneath.  kate moss has been wearing hers like this for years.
all runway photographs care of