Saturday, 24 October 2009

boots, baby

"one must always have one's boots on and be ready to go."
- michel de montaigne

military-inspired knee-high lambskin stiletto boots at 120mm with elastic fastenings on gold hardwear. hidden platform reduces arch angle to 30° relative to the ground plane as opposed to 36° (approximated on size 37). style and comfort have finally coalesced.

Friday, 23 October 2009

finally, someone said it

"and to be fair to the fashion industry: it may be struggling, but so far, no government has had to bail it out."
- robin givhan, the washington post, 18 october 2009, yes, thin's in, but why is that a surprise?

robin givhan: "it's always a bit discombobulating when people raise their voices in anger because they've gotten wind that some designers are making and selling $25,000 dresses.  after all, it's not as if the existence of a dress that costs as much as a car negates the availability of cute $25 frocks at target.  and it isn't as though edicts have been issued that all women must now dress like one of the superheroes on  balenciaga's runway.  for personal and sometimes tortured reasons -- i can't have it so no one else can! -- observers declare that they just don't understand the attraction of these strange and expensive clothes.  that would be a fair argument if those same complainers had lashed out at people who spend thousands of dollars on redskins season tickets, vintage wines, first-edition books or mid-life crisis cars.  but those industries don't stir nearly as much ire from people who are uninterested in them.  everyone has a passion that is lost on others." hear, hear!!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

dolce & gabbana sample sale

"the public knows style."
- domenico dolce

best sale ever!! save the date, save the date....

gucci application

"apps are the new virtual accessory, so i approached the design of gucci's first app in the same way i do with a bag or a shoe from my collections. i looked to provide the essence of the gucci lifestyle experience in a way that takes full advantage of the technological capabilities of the revolutionary iphone and ipod touch. of course, mark ronson's contribution ensures that the gucci app is truly unique."
- frida giannini

chanel iphone application

ralph lauren iphone application

gucci iphone application

have you joined the iphone bandwagon yet? if not, here's another reason to hurry up and do it. gucci has just released their own iphone application, following in the virtual footsteps of chanel and ralph lauren. it features a 24 hour music channel, hotel and restaurant tips but hottest of all is mark ronson's playlist and the opportunity to buy an exclusive style from his limited edition sneaker range. download it free from itunes.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

gap-toothed girls

"wish on everything.  pink cars are good, especially old ones.  and stars, of course, first stars and shooting stars.  planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars.  wish in tunnels, holding your breath and lifting your feet off the ground.  birthday candles.  baby teeth."
- francesca lia block

lara stone

georgia jagger

vanessa paradis

lauren hutton

it turns out, a gap between your two front teeth is de rigueur this season.  vanessa paradis just signed on as the face of rouge coco for chanel.  georgia jagger is not only on the cover of november's uk vogue but she is also the new face of rimmel london.  and lara stone was seen on many a catwalk last month.  lauren hutton was famous for her grin in the 70's - especially when she refused to have it corrected.  some opine that it creates the illusion of youth.  others believe small imperfections highlight the organic nature of one's beauty.  dentists seem to think that veneers should be adopted by everyone (with lumineers only setting you back usd700-1,300 per tooth).  what do we think?  we think a confident woman is a beautiful woman.

fendi family sale

"i have frequently been questioned, especially by women, of how i could reconcile family life with a scientific career. well, it has not been easy."
- marie curie

fendi's turn....

celine private sale

"wash your soiled linen in private."
- napoleon bonaparte

celine's turn....

time for some diy

"making something thoughtful and original feels good.  obviously we can party like the best of them but taking some time out to do something that is wholesome and doesn't cost the earth is very life-affirming."
- india volkers

air pockets in your nail varnish cause it to become goopy and tacky.  don't let it go to waste - mix and match two similar shades with a dash of topcoat for a bespoke varnish free of charge.

coco chanel, audrey hepburn and jackie o all knew about the power of black - give your tired shades a renewed intensity with dylon wash & dye in velvet black which can go straight into your machine.

check this out before you chuck it out - queens of vintage will teach you how to revamp a frumpy sack dress, mend a vintage necklace and even decoupage an 80's chair.

keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by making your own soup - mom's best soup translated into english by irene wong (isbn 9789882024298) is just one of the many chinese soup books out there now.

charity handbag auction

"people who think they might have diabetes must visit a physician for diagnosis.  they might have some or none of the following symptoms:
frequent urination
excessive thirst
unexplained weight loss
extreme hunger
sudden vision changes
tingling or numbness in hands or feet
feeling very tired much of the time
very dry skin
sores that are slow to heal
more infections than usual
nausea, vomiting and stomach pains may accompany these symptoms in the abrupt onset of type 1 diabetes."

it's been a bad year but you've been good with your acquisitions and now it's time for a treat.  grab some girlfriends and join the hong kong juvenile diabetes association at finds on thursday, 5 november, for an evening of fashionable fun and support a great cause.  the hkjda will be auctioning off donations from many of the big names in addition to several second-hand pieces giftd by individuals who have generously pulled from their own closets.  of course, should you have any designer handbags that might wish to contribute to the auction, Sue Lowcock ( can assist you.  dinner is also available on the night but tables are being booked up fast so make your reservation soon.  end the year with a guilt-free handbag.  opportunities like these aren't always for the seizing....

conde nast continues with cuts

"it is a big market.  even if it is a crowded market, conde nast hasn't really shied away from that."
- conde nast

wwd reported yesterday that cuts were to continue over at conde nast this week as 2010 budgets need to be met.  the most recent round would bring the combined total thus far to 250 laid off employees.  it is believed that ellen seidman, maryellen gordon and paul kramer were amongst those asked to leave glamour on monday.  candy pratts price's contract with was not renewed.  lucy danziger, editor in chief of self, gave up her car service for a year, effective immediately, in order to avoid reductions although a reduced work week is now assigned to certain staff and attritted positions have not been replaced.  

va va versace

"i go from a full working day to making sure i am home for dinner with my kids.  i couldn't do that in a 10cm mini skirt but i am not going to resort to sweatpants and an old t-shirt."
- donatella versace

versace ss10

donatella versace

versace fw09

chanel iman

versace fw09

taylor momsen

versace fw09

lake bell

versace fw09

mischa barton

atelier versace ss09

cheryl cole

only the hottest girls are ever seen (read: photographed) in versace - this rang especially true last weekend.  cheryl cole was my favourite, with her ferrari red paillette bubble dress.  only barbie could have looked better.  a very close second was chanel iman at the whitney museum gala - the dress is fitted but not skin-tight on her and the girls are safely tucked away.  can't wait to see more of the ss10 gowns out and about!!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

cat fight!!

get schwimming

"we looked at classic british style and sub-cultures and aimed to capture this nostalgic theme on the swimming caps by using classic fabrics such as gingham, fun-sun pastels and iconography from the monarchy and punk period."
- amy molyneaux

one of ppq's four seventies inspired swimming caps for schweppes' "get britain schwimming" campaign. in one of these you'd definitely be the coolest in the pool. get yours by searching for "ppq schweppes" on ebay - all monies raised by this charity auction will go to the british swimming trust.

dior private sale

"my religious background is that my mother is a christian dior scientist."
- robin williams

the one private sale you lust after every year is here again....

chanel and iman

Monday, 19 October 2009

now THAT's a rock....

"[the diamond has] top colour, perfect clarity, ideal cut and excellent weight.  and if you add to this the impeccable provenance of the annenberg name, you have one of the finest gems to appear on the market for many years."
- francois curiel, chairman of christie's europe and international head of jewels, comment's on the annenberg diamond's four c's

the 32.01 carat, emerald cut, d colour, flawless annenberg diamond, flanked by two pear-shaped 1.50 and 1.61 carat diamonds, up for auction this wednesday at christie's new york.  it has been valued between usd3 and usd 5 million.  [sigh]  now THAT's definitely a rock....

ysl beaute private sale

"fashions fade, style is eternal."
- yves saint laurent

early christmas shopping (for yourself, of course).

pp private sale

"virtue has its own reward, but has no sale at the box office."
- mae west

and so the string of them begins....

beauty workshops

"when i met her in hong kong i was very touched by how she welcomed the eastern culture to be her own.  and she was there, not now when china is open, but when it was during the cultural revolution."
- joyce ma

mention "" when you book to receive your beauty workshop free (valued at hkd350).  call before 28 october.
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