Friday, 21 August 2009

oops, sorry, andre....

completely backwards

"remember, ginger rogers did everything fred astaire did but backwards, and in high heels."
- bob thaves

lanvin pre-fall 2009

charlize theron

jenna elfman

please, please, please, if you are going to choose a runway look, do not wear it back to front.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

let's get cooking

"if you accidently add too much salt to a stew or something, put in a whole potato, peeled, and remove once the stew is done cooking. this will absorb most of the salt."
- nigella lawson on rectifying kitchen boo-boos

i credit nigella with getting me into the kitchen almost a decade ago. her nonchalant demonstrations are encouraging even for the least domesticated of us plus it helps that she is a food writer so all her directions are very wittily-worded. best of all and most useful of all, however, her practical recipes on proper knife-and-fork dinners prepared in all of 10 minutes. pictured above are her crispy lamb chops - which i really, really want right now!! maybe i'll make my own tonight? oh, how julie and julia!

"we are the glamorous girlfriend"

something's gotta give

- dietrich bonhoeffer

rodarte motorcycle jacket

biker jackets never went out but with rodarte's version just in, an update may just be in order. something's going to have to give. what will it be - the european holiday, the laser hair removal package or next month's rent? hmm. tough.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

jeannie mai

paper bag ladies

"i think most women have their own personal paper bag hierarchy. the really good ones are for holding personal belongings, the ordinary ones are for holding groceries, the cute ones for using as gift wrappings, etc.”
- akiho mizuta, a part-time tokyo waitress in her late 20's

calfskin bags inspired by chanel boutique's gift bag

in tokyo, it is no longer cool use a backpack, shopper or even an eco-friendly bag. creative consumerism has driven the women there to employing high-end boutique paper bags for carrying everything from gym clothes to soya milk. case in point: ayaka nogami, 17, carries her sports uniform, lunchbox and plastic drink canister in a crumply prada bag that her older sister sold her for yen300. a cecil mcbee bag she has at home is for use only on weekend dates with her boyfriend and is ironed (inside-out so as not to burn the gold foil logo) after each outing. the trend has gone so far as to spawn an online market for such bags ranging from yen800 for the said cecil mcbee to yen2,000 for a large size louis vuitton. the key seems to be to separate your valuables (which go into a proper handbag) and everything else such as cigarettes, makeup case and a paperback (which go in the paper bag). so, ladies - save your bags. if you can't afford to shop right now, at least you can cherish the memory of the experience and, failing that, imagine it.

three's company

"my mother has never been involved in my professional life. i am very close to my mother but we keep it on a mother-daughter basis and not a work-related basis."
- sheena easton

mamie gummer, meryl streep and grace gummer

meryl streep and her two daughters, mamie and grace gummer, looked positively radiant at the gilt groupe and quintessentially sponsor taking woodstock screening. not only that, they also appeared to be genuinely enjoying each other's company. luv it.

sesame street style

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

pop it like it's hot

"i read fashion magazines, but i'm not all up in the mix. i'm not from this world. i haven't spent years in fashion making friends and making enemies. i barely know who half the people are. obviously, i know that katie grand started pop, and that it's a product that's so associated with her in this world. but in my world, it's just pop."
- dasha zhukova

dasha zhukova has put 13-year-old fashion blogger tavi in artwork by damien hirst on the first cover of her new magazine, POP, affirming her desire to meld the fashion and art worlds with this new venture. featured inside are a 25-year retrospective on naomi campbell, stem cell research with rodarte and a lady margaret thatcher profile but nothing of whether or not the the rumors that the editor in chief is pregnant by her billionaire boyfriend are true. on news stands 1 september.

louboutins for grabs!!

"i wanted to do shoes which are really just shoes for seduction. for pleasure. for sex. that's it. a shoe, you cannot run, you cannot even walk. you want to run in your shoes? buy sneakers."
- christian louboutin

louboutins are now 70% off on theoutnet!!

the new blouse

"i won't take my clothes off because i can't believe it's necessary. you can be sexy with your clothes on just as well as you can by taking off your blouse."

- heather thomas

jason wu fw09

chloe asymmetric silk blouse

matthew williamson sequin-embellished silk t-shirt


marc jacobs perforated silk blouse


derek lam oversized hessian t-shirt


alexander mcqueen silk crepe pleated blouse


ladylike chic has returned this fall. try pairing your staple pencil skirts with the new t-shirt blouse for a chic workwear option. netaporter has some great examples (above).

Monday, 17 August 2009

miuccia prada

"i liked it. it made the show more interesting."
- miuccia prada on the two models who fell strutting her ss09 catwalk

on leaving her outfit choices for high-profile events to the last minute: "it’s important that you feel right, so i use an instinct at the last moment. what i think is unbearable is to wear something that we don’t feel comfortable in. it’s completely, totally psychological. one dress you felt so happy in for that day and that occasion, you put it on in another moment and all the magic is completely disappeared. there is a very tricky relationship between the occasion and your mind at that moment."

girly burgers

"there are only two things our customers have, time and money - and they don't like spending either one of them, so we better sell them their hamburgers quickly."
- james mclamore, founder of burger king

french burger


truffle oil french fries

all-beef burger with pan-fried foie gras

biotta berrie smoothie

the intercontinental hotel lobby lounge is hard to beat if you're looking for high ceilings and hong kong-side harbour views. try the french burger which comes with a garden salad and truffle fries then wash it all down with an ice-cold biotta juice mocktail. for the perfect portion size go with a girlfriend and split it - the kitchen will happily dish it out pre-halved.

extra, extra!! get your free magazines!!

"it strikes me as bad manners for a magazine to accept one of my advertisements and then attack it editorially - like inviting a man to dinner then spitting in his eye."
- david ogilvy

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