Friday, 24 July 2009

must slim station

"perfect shape: hong kong's most effective slimming centre."
- perfect shape campaign

what is wrong with these people??  i received a call from perfect shape yesterday afternoon by a girl who sounded not a day over 12.  her first question to me was whether or not i was heavier than 110 pounds.  for a laugh, i replied i was and she proceeded to ask me which part of my body was covered in the most fat.  (obviously my age or height were of no relevance whatsoever.)  maybe i didn't like my belly, or my thighs?  surely something needed improving, she prodded?  i told her thank you but that i did not think i was over-weight in any way.  what, no bye-bye (wings) or pager (lower back) flesh?  surely i had an inkling of self-loathing?  maybe i wanted to come up and be checked anyway, just to be sure?  or maybe i wanted a complimentary facial?  SERIOUSLY.  what has our world come to?!?!

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