Thursday, 23 July 2009

time after time

"how long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on."
- zall's second law on time

rm by roland mouret galerne silk dress
runway: 12 march, 2009 on the catwalk
    + 2 months
red carpet: 14 may, 2009 on amy adams
    + 2 months
retail: today on net-a-porter

as production timelines shrink, one has to wonder, is this directly proportional to the output quality?  control measures, particularly in china, have been under intense international scrutiny over the past year with products ranging from infant formula to electric fans being recalled from store shelves.  many times failures result from the struggle between relationship imbalances (importers fighting for cheaper prices) and asymmetrical information (manufacturers neglecting to disclose where corners have been cut).  although some say that china is merely experiencing similar growing pains to japan in the 50's, at no point did japan have industry insiders involved in willfully manipulating products to circumvent laboratory equipment and testing controls (eg. the melamine case).  it remains to be seen whether or not these hurdles can be overcome and whether or not china can rid itself of its "poorly made in china" stigma.  meanwhile, this means the high street can get their runway knock-offs into the shops shops faster than the original.  something to think about.

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