Saturday, 10 October 2009

john galliano ss10

"i'm not an artist.  maybe an artist with a small 'a'."
- john galliano

edgy romanticism.

miu miu ss10

"i was questioning innocence, questioning youth.  what do they mean today in a world that's the opposite?"
- miuccia prada

skinny pant suits and sheer panels.  beautiful serena braids.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

louis vuitton ss10

"[it is] about travelers - the movement that came after punk.  then we were thinking about hiking, trekking, and then denim and parkas - city utilitarianism."
- marc jacobs

super kawaii.

hermès ss10

"i think the collection is very much sophisticated and very woman.  it's elegant, not all sportswear.  but it's very much like daytime, but elegant."
- jean paul gaultier

first exit: eva herzigova

love the strappy peep toes with anklettes.

tuesday nite safari

"dim sum, in cantonese, means to lightly touch your heart, and while we can save the romance for our second date (we aren't those kinds of girls!), we hope to reach out to you and make your life a little bit easier, a little more relaxing, and a lot more fun!"

send your rsvp to the dim sum girls.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

chanel ss10

"what i hate most in life are people who are not really the peach of the day but who want to be young and sexy.  you can fool nobody.  there is a moment when you have to accept that somebody else is younger and fresher and hotter.  life is not a beauty contest."
- karl lagerfeld

shu pei qin - luved her at couture, luv her now

garance doré provided the perfect summary

the infamous ménage à trois blessed by karl himself

lily allen popped up from the ground


natalia vodianova and her daughter, neva

leigh lezark and her jade nails

claudia schiffer

hands down the best show of the season.  YUM.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

stella mccartney ss10

"people in fashion are pretty heartless."
- stella mccartney

sharp jackets and oversized ruffles for a woman who dresses for herself.

sonia rykiel ss10

"it is a hallmark of sonia rykiel to think of all women because fashion is about a certain spirit more than a question of means.... this collaboration fits perfectly with our philosophy."
- h&m's press release on the sonia rykiel for h&m collection

sexy secretaries at sonia rykiel.

Monday, 5 October 2009

karl lagerfeld ss10

"of course there are some evening dresses that you cannot wear in daylight because it would be ridiculous, but there is a kind of dressy touch for daywear too.  and everything; it's easy.  (there's) no barrier between dressy, day and sports.  it's feminine 24 hours a day."
- karl lagerfeld

high-waisted wide belts are back, be they elastic, patent or metallic.
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