Thursday, 27 August 2009

red sole rehab

"blue flower, red thorns! blue flower, red thorns! blue flower, red thorns! oh, this would be so much easier if i wasn't colour blind!"
- donkey in shrek

louboutins need just as much care (if not more) as any other shoe - so why don't any cobblers in hong kong offer red soles? although it is slightly tedious to have to take every pair to new york at the end of each season, i can vouch that it is totally worth it. the guys at arty's shoe service (243 eighth avenue - between 22nd and 23rd streets) really want the best for your shoes. i handed this pair over (after shot above), the man at the counter took one look and he said to me, "you did the right thing by brining them here." sweet as pie. their services are a little pricey at usd30 a pop but they definitely pay attention to detail - my shoes were returned well-finished (they edged the new red plastic in black so that the addition was not at all obvious) and repaired the leather which had been scraped off the heel (i didn't even have to ask). if your pair simply cannot survive the trip, scarlet undercarriages are available on ebay.

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