Wednesday, 21 October 2009

time for some diy

"making something thoughtful and original feels good.  obviously we can party like the best of them but taking some time out to do something that is wholesome and doesn't cost the earth is very life-affirming."
- india volkers

air pockets in your nail varnish cause it to become goopy and tacky.  don't let it go to waste - mix and match two similar shades with a dash of topcoat for a bespoke varnish free of charge.

coco chanel, audrey hepburn and jackie o all knew about the power of black - give your tired shades a renewed intensity with dylon wash & dye in velvet black which can go straight into your machine.

check this out before you chuck it out - queens of vintage will teach you how to revamp a frumpy sack dress, mend a vintage necklace and even decoupage an 80's chair.

keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by making your own soup - mom's best soup translated into english by irene wong (isbn 9789882024298) is just one of the many chinese soup books out there now.

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