Sunday, 8 November 2009

non va bene

"what is the definition of a good wine? it should start and end with a smile."
- william sokolin

two girlfriends and i went for dinner at va bene in lan kwai fong on friday night. the food wasn't great - linguine alla vongole a little soft and braised lamb shank a little dry - but it wasn't terrible so we thought "whatever." as the cheese platter was served and we were finishing the last sips of our barolo cannubi 2003 (@hkd1,075), one of us discovered a mystery string of something-something in our glass. though the maĆ®tre d’ refused to comment on the issue after we questioned him, he did send the BARTENDER over to placate us with: "even though i have never before seen this in my career, it must be residue." and whilst my girlfriends and i are by no means sommeliers, the three of us do have our WSET level one certificates and found this not only unacceptable from a bottle of barolo, but irresponsible on the part of the manager who sent a subordinate in his place. needless to say, the evening did not end in smiles.

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