Thursday, 5 November 2009

michelle on work and babies

"i've already got the script. i've read a bit of it but i still don't know if i'll have any romantic scenes with jackie [chan]."
- michelle reis

former miss hong kong, michelle reis, was extremely gracious in answering the prying questions of the press after the ed hardy event at prive tonight. on family life and her in-laws: "they always encourage me to put career first. for instance, if we are having dinner and i have to leave early because i have a work commitment, they never give me pressure. i am very blessed to have such understanding in-laws who offer me such professional freedom. they do not expect me to have children either. if kids come, then that would be great, but since they have grand and great-grand children already, they are not too bothered. i am very lucky and do not live the life of a 'tai-tai' as you all perceive."

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