Monday, 7 September 2009

don't close down my chicken, please

"i have my own parties. they involve being barefoot with a piece of fried chicken and margarita in each hand."
- tori amos

korean supermarket in seoul, e-mart

pierce chicken (which is actually baked, not fried) take-out from 360 at the landmark

after being tempted time after time by the deep fried goodness in the aisles of e-mart last week, i couldn't wait to get home and eat me some pierce chicken. yesterday evening, much to my dismay, i found that this had been removed from soho delivery's restaurant list and, after driving by, that the staunton street store was closed. upon calling, i was notified that the lan kwai fong location had also been shut down and that they were only operating out of 360 now. phew!! dinner didn't end up happening till 21:00 but at least i got my chicken.

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