Wednesday, 23 September 2009

anna at home

"a designer really needs to spend five or 10 years learning the craft, learning the business. sometimes you can get someone who has become a huge star overnight, but it is so rare that that works. sometimes a lack of understanding, a certain na├»vety about the business can be refreshing, but it so often doesn’t work. people can get carried away with what is new and young and different, but unless you are someone like marc jacobs, you should think long and hard. so many are struggling."
- anna wintour talks to the telegraph's hilary alexander about scoping out young talent

i've been to shows where a heavily-entouraged anna wintour has breezed in to her front row seat well past the 10th look so imagine my surprise when this photo popped up on nymag. here, anna is berrying quietly as she waits for the marios schwab show to start. oh, how the tides have turned....

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