Thursday, 27 August 2009

katie grew up

"this season's grunge is all about being creative about how you put your look together, and not necessarily spending a fortune. it's about being a little bit surprising and very creative. i love the glamour of adding some vintage to my look, and have done for years, as it keeps things original."
- kate moss on her fw09 collection for topshop

kate moss's fw09 collection for topshop launches tomorrow. the styles seem to have grown up: scallop-edged tea dresses have been forgone for strapless cocktail numbers and 80's oversized faux fur. the look is very "biker girl meets her banker boyfriend for happy hour" with lbds being studded and sweaters receiving the sequin and chain treatment. for delicately laddered tights, use a quick-unpick or the needle end of a safety pin and carefully undo the weave at the top, running your finger all the way down the leg for a straight run. lightly dab some clear nail polish at the beginning and end so the tear does not continue more than you'd like it to.

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