Tuesday, 25 August 2009

icee fresh

"i am a diamond concierge. our base is here [slauson super mall, south central los angeles]. i won't bring tom cruise into the store but i'll go to him. we're doing well here. with the way the economy is going, it would have been stupid for us to migrate west. the diamond district is a ghost town now, people are killing one another over business.... it's bullshit that the luxury market is not affected. even the rich are more conscious about how they spend their money."
- ben baller on his business, icee fresh

want customised jewellery? go to icee fresh of california state, pillsbury doughboy and 13-carat g-shock fame. this life-size 7up can was moulded with 720g of gold and decorated in 150 carats of diamonds. price upon application. bodyguard, neck brace and painkillers sold separately.

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