Tuesday, 14 July 2009

chanel.. liquidated..?!?!

"grey hair is god's graffiti."
- bill cosby

zevs "liquidating" the chanel logo on chater house's southern facade
central, 03:30 yesterday

the "artwork" has since been covered by hong kong land
central, today

liquidated coca-cola logo
paris, 2006

liquidated mcdonald's logo
paris, 2000

visually attacked ("bombed") models in yves saint laurent ad
paris, 2001

zevs has liquidated hong kong!!  the anonymous french street artist stuck a chanel logo sticker on the facade of chater house in the early hours of yesterday morning and then proceeded to "liquidate" it in his signature style, the meaning of which is to make powerful economic brands look as if they are melting.  though his interventions have been very popular, it has been discussed in france whether it should be considered vandalism or art.  there was no such furore in hong kong as zevs was promptly arrested at the scene and taken away by police along with two local residents aged 26 and 27.

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